Discover why genuine Brother consumables is the best for your Brother printer.

Did you know that counterfeit and 3rd party compatible supplies may result in inferior printouts or damage your machine?  

Compatible supplies may work with Brother machines and machines from other brands, but they are not a perfect fit for Brother printers and may cause damage to your machine and not to mention the inconsistent and unpredictable page yields.

Purchasing supplies at low price may not end up with cost savings. You may even spend more for repair if you get a counterfeit or compatible product. 

Let us tell you why?

Choose Brother genuine products and supplies to ensure optimal, uncompromising performance from your Brother machines. Print without worrying about maintenance costs and increase your machine’s lifespan. Save money, time and paper due to less downtime or repairs.

How to ensure that your Brother supplies are genuine? To help you verify, we have made it easy to authenticate your products with our security hologram.

Authentication options: 
1.     Examine the label
2.     Mobile Authentication 
3.     Web Authentication 

Steps on how to identify could be found on:

For best printing results, we recommend buying only Brother Genuine Toners and Cartridges

If you are purchasing online, please look out for our authorised reseller icon to ensure that you are buying from the right source.

You could also download the list of our authorised resellers here:

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